Aurender N100 or X100?

I am looking at Aurender because they have built in hard drives and a caching playback.The HDDs vary from 2-10 TB. At this point 2 TB is plenty for me. And it may always be enough. But I'd rather have more room and not need it than not enough room. But it has 2 USB ports so that I can always add a HDD or 2. But what are the disadvantages of the ext HDD as compared to the internal HDD??

The x series has the larger HDD but  is a discontinued model (I believe) So is the technology still up to date? Will I be fine with the less expensive N series and an ext HDD?

What other quirks can I expect with the aurender?


I had an N100H that I bought new and it was a disaster. Its biggest problem was that even a momentary power outage caused major problems. While many praise Aurender support, I found it sorely lacking. I dumped the streamer (at a loss, of course) in favor of a Bryston and have been happy ever since.


Its biggest problem was that even a momentary power outage caused major problems.

Uh Oh!! One of the problems in the mountains is that the power sometimes cuts our and then back on, just enough to cause the need to reset all the clocks, etc. An earlier poster @rockrider has already said

As for quirks, the units like to be shut down nicely.

No doubt this may be a deal breaker. I wonder if there is any work around? . IE I haven’t had outages happen while playing music. So the question would be, does this major problems take place when the unit is shut down or not in use? Then too, is this a quirk of all the aurenders, or just this particular one? Whatever the case, thanks for the heads up on this

While I did say the units like to be shut down nicely, it is my experience that the only issue is a somewhat delayed restart. I’ve never had a poor shutdown cause any other issues besides an inconveniently long restart. As for support, it is superlative in my experience.