Aurender N20

Hello All,

I'm in the market for a streamer only and would like some input on your experience with the N20. I am also contemplating the N200 and question whether the N20 at double the cost is justified?




I recommend auditioning both N20 and N200 in your system and decide for yourself which model offers most bang for your buck! 

@jeffreyw I have an N20. The main differences are that you have Digital XLR and BNC outputs but the real reason to go for the N20 is that it has a master clock input which takes the N20 to the level of the N30.

What I have have found is some recordings and formats will sound better via digital XLR or USB. So it's good to have those options.

Anyway demo the both of them you can't go wrong with either.

I also faced the same question. My DAC requires XLR or BNC cables. So I ended up with the N200 and a Berkeley USB, plus USB cable for 8,220 instead of the N20 for 12,000. Very happy with the result.

My experience is with the N100, N10, and W20SE. Each increment is absolutely worth it, assuming you have appropriate ancillary equipment. My W20SE streamer is the most expensive piece of equipment in my signal path (~ the same as my turntable) and well worth it. It performs at the same level as my TT and better than my CD player when streaming high res files.


The Conductor app is does great. And they have excellent support available right through the app. Easy to use… unlike the problems I had with the Aurlic Aries 2. You can see my systems under my ID. A N100 is in my headphone system.

On September 30th, 2020, I replaced my Aurender N10 Server with the Aurender N20 Music Server.  My Aurender N20 Music Server is installed and working great.  The N20 is supplied WITHOUT hard drives installed. This means hard drives are the customer’s choice. Each of the two rear panel mounting sleds accommodates a 1, 2, 4 or 8TB 2.5-inch SSD or up to 5TB 15mm height 2.5inch HDDs. Since users have different storage requirements, Aurender feels this is the best way to satisfy everyone.  

My Aurender N20 sounds excellent. The music is clearer, the bass is better, has more air and it has more musical details. The overall musical presentation is much improved.  I am listening to jazz now and the sound quality is much improved.  

In summary, the N20 sounds terrific.  I really like it.  This is a substantial sound quality improvement.  I find the Conductor App very easy to use and find the albums to play.   I can very easily navigate between my stored CD albums, QoBuz and Internet radio stations.  The Aurender N20 Music Server is highly recommended.