Aurender N20

Hello All,

I'm in the market for a streamer only and would like some input on your experience with the N20. I am also contemplating the N200 and question whether the N20 at double the cost is justified?



Trying both units and choosing the  best based upon performance is the best course of action. However if that is not possible looking at the device specifications may offer some insight.

N20 relevant features: linear power supply ; Double Isolated Gigabit Ethernet LAN; OCXO clock; Word clock input facilitates.

N200 relevant features: linear power supply, Double Isolated Gigabit Ethernet LAN; TCXO  Clock

There should be an audible difference in the AES and SPIDF digital output between the Aurender devices because of the clock differences. The N20 should have an improved sound.

When using a USB Audio 2.0 Standard asynchronous connection from either Aurender device the DAC runs off a clock that’s completely independent of the USB clock. Synchronization between data rates is maintained by use of a separate feedback path via the USB interface.

The updated N20 clock should not have a material effect on the quality of the USB sound output when compared to the N200.
Theoretically when using USB audio output both devices should have similar sound based upon the same USB circuit, linear power supplies, double isolated Gigabit Ethernet LAN and operating system. The difference  between the two devices should come down to internal noise suppression.

If using the AES or SPIDF output from the Aurender then IMHO the extra cost of the N20 would be worth while. However if your only using USB output then IMHO the N200 might be a more cost effective option.



Thanks for the detailed info! I have spoken to 3 well-respected dealers, and all were unanimous as to the N20 being clearly superior to the N200 with all outputs (by a considerable margin). I will primarily use the USB output since my DAC is optimized for this (Aries Cerat Helene). The N20 will allow me to experiment with SPDIF and AES, but at what cost? I am very perplexed since the USB circuit is quite similar (I think!) It doesn't appear that I am getting a dealer "hard sell." When I posed the question to all three dealers, there was no hesitation at all as to the N20's prowess. It's giving me heartburn!

If you are going to be using SPDIF or AES output I would get the N20. I am not impressed with the SPIDF output on my N200.

I would say, regardless of the output used the N20 will best the N200. They actually  listen to their products before putting them on the market. You can be sure if you move up the product lines they sound better… and not by a small margin.

What digital outputs do you need?  I decided on the Aurender N20 Music streamer since it supports BOTH USB and AES/EBU digital outputs to my DAC.  

For 2-weeks, I switched back and forth between the USB and AES/EBU digital outputs to my DAC.  In most cases, I prefer the AEB/EBU connection (a very high priority for me).