Aurender n200, talk me out of signing on the dotted line

I’ve requested an invoice.  My current system has an Audio Mirror 4 with Tele E88cc, Pass int-25, Acoustic Zen Crescendo 2 speakers and a REL 12” sub.   The sound is to my taste in that it is organic, swings with the music and is not lean.  It’s a bit grainy and I attribute that to the Lumin u2 mini, internet radio and Spotify sources in who-knows-what amounts.  Enjoyable none-the-less as is, I am all in for the Aurender.  Talk me out of it.  Please!  



Good to hear the supplied usb cable is decent.  I plan on trying spdif and usb - my preference is musicality over technical superiority.  Extended FR, focus and definition mean nothing to me if it sacrifices foot tapping.  I have and have used Nordost interconnects and found Tyr2 to be OMG better than Frey2, but wow, the OMG cost.


Thanks for the encouragement.  

Everyone else: 

Thanks for the encouragement, suggestions, observations and opinions.  It has been a whirlwind.


That was my experience as well. The magic doesn’t happen until you step up to Tyr2 level in Nordost lineup. Fortunately, at Tyr2 price, there are so many options to consider, I end up going with Audience Au24SE at that point in time. 

I am in much better place now with Combak’s Hijiri cables. This is one of the upgrades that would stay in my system for a very long time!


Do you use HiFishark to monitor the market and past sales?  You don't know for sure what things sell for but you see what they were last listed at.  There were two on USAM a couple weeks ago for $4600 & $4000.  Hopefully your discount is in that ballpark.  It's good to know the market well so you can unload something for a reasonable loss/gain if it doesn't impress.  Good luck!

I compared DH Labs D750 spdif to Aurender USB and preferred USB. And the DH cable is a really well made and good sounding digital interconnect. To me USB sounds better but definitely try both.