Aurender or Lumin streamer only?

So here is my question.  I am interested in streaming using the dac in my Esoteric K-03xd SACD player.  Is there anyone that has used the Aurender N200 or N20 in comparison to the newer Lumin U2 in a similar situation?  Roon is not a driver and at this point I will only be using it as a streamer from one of the services.  Any specifice sonic or functional differences noted?  I will probably be using a USB cable between the streamer and the Esoteric.  Thanks.     


If you stream mainly classical music forget the Aurender app as it doesn't know what a composer is.

Go for Lumin and use Roon. Or if you want to save money get an Eversolo DMP-A6. Excellent streaming and app. 

Can anyone add their experience or comparison with the PSAudio Air Lens Streamer?

I know this is no help to you, but I’ve narrowed it down to the N200 for me, wife permitting that is.

The Lumin streamer is great. The Leedh volume control on the streamer is almost as good as the volume control on my Benchmark LA4 preamp. The Leedh is not perfect at very low volume.

Lumin has a new $9k streamer that seems like the internals of the X1 DAC/streamer stripped out and the DAC part dropped. I had the X1 and I thought the streamer part was great.

If you want to save some cash get a Sonore OpticalRendu.