Aurender vs CD

Upgrading my old system: Nakamichi CD player OMS-7, Pre-amp CA-5, Amp PA-7, recently purchased Sonus Faber Sonneto VIII speakers; simple Monster RCA interconnects and AudioQuest Rocket 88 speaker cables.

Purchased Aurender A15 to replace the CD player, and the Aurender sounds more "digital" - more noise on the top, less transparent, more fatigue after listening. It's the same while streaming high-res Qobuz, MQA Tidal, or playing from the SSD. 

This is my first streamer. Is it the same for all the streamers/DACs in this price range? I also considered but did not audition Lumin, Auralic and HiFi Rose. 


Please post your system, including cables under your profile. I have an Aurender N20 that sounds very musical and approaches the performance of the analog side of my system. My system is posted under my profile. The analog is very good to my defective ears. All of my CDs are ripped to the Aurender’s  SSD and rival high resolution streams from Qobuz.

Not surprised, streaming is far more complex than playing cd's, so many variables impact sound quality. 

Try different filter settings.  I have an A20 and prefer the “Super Slow Roll-off 1” digital filter. Also prefer “Critical listening mode”. 

Thanks All for the replies! @designsfx - perfect suggestion, thank you! I tried both connection options in the beginning, when I just received the Aurender and before it broke in. I couldn't hear the difference back then and left Aurender on the Aux of the pre-amp. I tried now connecting it directly to the amp, and that worked - the SQ is identical to the CD, if not a bit more transparent! 

Thanks @rockrider! CLM does improve the SQ - a bit more clear top and focused bass, at least to me