Aurender vs. Roon

I would greatly appreciiate any input on something I was told yesterday by a learned audiophile. A) that aurenders conductor app is inferior to roon. That is probably a given. However, I thought Roon will interact with the conductor app. so if that is the case then you can have the best of both worlds.  Also, Roon has better audio quality the Aurender? Aside from that, is the landscape moving toward Roon? Reason I ask is I have been looking at Aurender streamers to purchase and there seems to be more and more of them for sale on Audiogon and US Audio Mart etc. Is it possible Roon Ready devices are going to be the newest frontier so why bother with Aurender if they are not going to support it? Thanks in advance for any insight or suggestions.
Ok, so far it appears Aurender was kicked to the curb at some point in favor of the Innous then Lumin D2 or Lumin U1 in that order... Then I heard NDX 2 XPS 2 or a 555 [Nad?} which I am now going to look at.. I was favoring the Lumin D2 for the fact it has AirPlay and updates which the Innous? Hey 
mrdon are you looking for a server or a streamer?

The Naim Ndx 2 oor a 555 are expensive streaming dacs, the  NDX  is $7500 for example. The Lumin D2 is excellent but it also includes a dac while the U1 does not.  

The Aurender and Innuous products are mostly streamers, although the Innuous Mini has analog outputs and the Aurender A1 has its own built in dac.  

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ 
Just purchased the Innuos Zen 3 with 1 TB of storage.  Will use it with my SOTM TXUltrausb reclocker and SOTM 500 power supply. 
Hopefully will get it mid February.  
Thanks thyname.  The dealer let me use a Roon Nucleus until the Zen 3 is in. I love how simple this unit is to use with a Roon and a Tidal. Took me 5 minutes! Nice. 

However, the sound is just average and nothing special.  My old tricked out Windows based computer with SOTM Usb card sounded better for sure. Sure hope the Zen 3 is a huge step up as I already sold my computer/server. 

I wish a had a LPS to power the Nucleus. I bet that would help greatly.