Aurios 1.2 under Velodyne F1800X Sub ?

Has anyone experienced an improvement from floating a Subwoofer with Aurios? I have a Sistrum SP4 stand that tightened up the bass output and was wondering what the affect of the Aurios would provide.

It was a significant upgrade! Calling a Velodyne 18" weak before the floating would be hard to say but after hearing it floated on my tile floor, the tightness of the hits are amazing. I also had good luck with Sistrum SP4 stand under the sub, but now my sub has more output that is tighter.
First try an Auralex Gramma. It's only $60 and has made remarkable improvements to many peoples subs, including mine.
And then Try the 25lb bag of shot on top of it! The cabinet on every sub except for the Wilson Watch Dog rattle because they aren't 1.5"+ thick and braced correctly. Mass loading really does help.