Aurios MIB Pro's - Set-up tips.

I have recently purchased a number of sets of Aurios Pro's and am staggered at how effective they are beneath my equipment. A bit expensive but a really worthwhile upgrade over my BDR cones and pucks.Not that I needed any specific instructions(there weren't any) on how to position them, I would be interested to hear if anyone has any particular set-up tips they would like to share.I have been unable to access the websites of Aurios and their distributor where I am sure that some set-up hints were once posted.

Hi Smp,
I recently purchased a bunch of Pro's myself, I agree that they can make quite a difference (positive) but I found that I was getting a metallic sound in my system when I sat my components directly on top of the Pro's, I played around and found better results when I decoupled the components from the Pro's. I'm currently using some homemade Mpingo disc's. This brought back a much more natural sound to the system while maintaining the benefits of the Pro's. I have heard other people use maple boards under the components or BDR cones setting on top of the Pro's. I'd be interested in other peoples expierience's as well. Good Luck.
At the risk of recommending something more expensive than you wanted to hear about, I use Signal Guard II isolation platters, which are terrific themselves, under each component with the four spiked feet of each platter resting in a Pro to each foot. The platters are not cheap, and it means 4 Pros under each component, but the effect is extraordinary. Particularly effective with turntables and CD players/transports. The spiked feet of speakers go right into the Pros, of course.
I suggest that rather than using the Aurios to support individual components, use them to support your entire equipment rack. You can either use the threaded holes atop the Aurios, or better yet place a board (wood, mdf, carbon fiber, etc.) between the Auiros and the rack.