Aurum Cantus ....anyone heard them?

I've noticed some postings in other forums about these speakers.Especially the AURUM CANTUS LEISURE 2. From what I gather these speakers compete with the Red Rose Music RoseBud II. Has anyone auditioned or own these? If so whats your impressions? Also how many WPC needed to make them sing? I believe these retail for $900.00 but can be had for less.The RoseBud II(Levinson's company) is $3500.00 retail.Here's a link for those who haven't seen them.

Any an all feedback appreciated!
Aurum is making them for Red Rose also. However, I do believe that Levenson is rewiring them and putting in his own crossovers. The drivers and cabinets should be the same. You can find them for around $450. Maybe less if you want to cover shipping from hong kong? Don't expect a warranty.