Auvio speaker wire from radio shack?

Hey guy's. just wondering if any of you have tried any of the Auvio speaker products such as the speaker cable or RCA connects. I own a Yamaha 797 with a Yamaha CD player the speakers are Definative Technology studio 55's.I have tried many different speaker wire, some fancy and some not. Anyway I picked up some 12 gauge Auvio speaker wire the other day and WOW, it felt like everything came alive and just had more energy and power. It definatly beat out Monoprice and Monster, anuybody with a similar experiance regarding this Auvio stuff? It would be great to have some feedback from similar experiances (just tell me I'm not crazy) regarding this Auvio "Radio Shack" stuff.
Less luck with the speaker wire, which I thought sounded not as distinct and sharp in my bedroom system. I have had decent success with the stereo and AV interconnects, as Audioquest manufactures some of them.

My friend is a firm believer in the Auvio interconnects. He has not tried the speaker cables. It's all system dependant, so if it works with your system I would go with it. If you have not done so you should try the interconnects also.
Sometimes new wire will sound brighter or more present simply because the connections are clean. I would listen for a couple of weeks and then, if you have a mind to fool around, replace it with your old stuff and see what you think. Just remember to clean the connections on the old wires with some contact cleaner or at least isopropol alchohol so you're not listening through excessive oxidation. Sometimes the value of a new component can better be judged when you remove it from the system. Have fun.
I have the pbt 200 and am trying to pair it to my echo dot. it says its there but no volume, any ideas.