AV cabinet for large center channel.

The dimension of the center channel is 14"(H) x 38"(W) x 13"(D). 14 inch worth of opening does not seem to exist in any ready to order AV cabinets,  where the opening accommodates the speaker and levels to the ear. Putting the speaker at floor level seems like a waste.

Any pointers or even how to get one custom ordered?. Serious WAF issues with large center channel :( need help.
I had mine custom-built by a local cabinet maker.  Ended up being cheaper than any off-the-shelf AV furniture.  Maybe explore that option?
@rextless, had no idea cabinet makers build AV furniture, I will check and find out thanks.
There are stands made for putting larger center speakers on the floor that angle the speaker upwards.  If this passes the WAF test it's probably your simplest and cheapest solution.