AV123 Mini; Salk HT3; Devore Gibbon Super 8

Has anyone heard any two or all of these speakers and can provide comparison for sound and build quality?
I'll be able to tell you guys pretty soon,im getting the Mini's,and im going to hear the HT-3's and the Super 8's here in the next few weeks,I should have some impressions for those who are interrested.Personally from the pricerange that most people Say the HT-3's play in it doesent really seem like the Mini and the Super 8 will be able to compete with them,even though both of these speakers perform well above their pricepoints,but HT-3's are touted to play in the super speaker tier,which is a huge jump even if the Super 8's and Mini's perform better than triple their price,which their both said to.
The HT3 are speakers that are touted to compare well with $10K speakers, I think that the HT3 (based on reviews from respected sources) are probably above the realm of the Strata Mini (sad to say).

I havent heard the HT3 though, so take my comment with a grain of salt, but I do own the Strata Mini.

And the Strata Mini is one heck of a speaker! I can only imagine how good the HT3 is based on the feedback I have read of this particular speaker.

Jc51373; I have heard the B&W 804S speakers locally. Which do you have?
I look forward to Tawaundabomb's feedback. The Super 8's and HT-3's appear to be competitive in price point depending on which Ht-3 options you buy. I am also curious about build quality as the 8's and Ht-3's are hand made in U.S. versus Mini's which are not.
I don't have the signatures, or the newer Diamonds. Mine are about 3 years old, mint shape, but after seeing the price point on the super 8's and considering my musical tastes have developed a new speaker might be the way to go.