Availability of cheap vinyl in SF?

I am moving to San Francisco and thinking about getting a turntable. I would be looking for cheap, say generally under $3, mainly classical records. So what is the scene like?

Would it be possible to amass a decent collection?

Cheers, Shawn
Goodwill is the only place I can think of. Don't rule out Ameoba (sp?) in Berkeley. ($4 bridge toll) But the best used vynil and CD collection I've seen in the area.
you don't have to go to berkely! there's an amoeba records over by golden gate park on haight street. great selection!
Of course Amoeba is also on (upper) Haight St. with possibly the widest selection of used and new vinyl in the Bay Area. There's also Rasputin, down near Union Square which is also good.