Avalon Acoustics

Are they out of business?  They never answer their phones or return emails.
great speakers, and yes, they never respond...if you really need to talk to them, gotta go thru a dealer I think...
they are absolutely wonderful, top shelf speakers, sonically and aesthetically

as usual, you need to use them in a proper assembled system with well matched ancillary gear
A speaker maker that in some respects reminds me of Avalon is Aspen Acoustics. See my review of the Lagrange L5 MkII at Dagogo.com, and my system pics showing the preproduction model ($15K) of the Lagrange L1, which I will review. The MSRP to performance is commensurate to Vandersteen or Magnepan. 
What a shame..I bought a new pair of Avalons back in the 1990s when they were tauted as one of the brands to own...they use to send me a xmas card every season for many years..Boy have times changed.
Who would like to buy a $20K loudspeaker from a compony that does not answer the phone...