Avalon Compas


I've heard that there's a new speaker coming out in 2012 from Avalon called Compas, which will place itself inbetween the Eidolon and Time (and perhaps exlude one or both of them over time...?). It will appearently be available with or without the diamond tweeter.

Does anyone know more about this new speaker?
@WPC, Avalon told me Hifi News are receiving a pair of the Compas ceramic version this week and will be reviewing them in the coming weeks. Apparently Compas did not appear at the New York show as the NY Dealer had not yet received a pair. I guess they're busy filling customer orders first.
@Wpc, I spoke to Lucien at Avalon around 22 April & he advised me Hifi News will be reviewing the Compás Ceramic version in the coming weeks. They were due to receive the speakers by the end of April. Stereo Sound Magazine did a review of the Compas in February in Japanese, however the review has not yet been translated. Hope that helps.