Avalon Eidolon matching speaker cables and IC


I have an pair of Avalon Eidolon, and i will buy new cables for them. As amp i use Class D monoblock, Hypex Ncore 400.

What cables are matching good on Eidolon´s, i somewhere read they recommend Cardas, what models? And I also looking for Audioquest and Nordost - Anyone tested any models from Cardas, Audioquest or Nordost on Eidolon or other Avalon model, compared any models from these companys on Avalon speakers? I have no shop nearby so i can´t test by myself on my speakers so i have to buy something i think will be good.
I have used Nordost Valhalla and Cardas Golden Reference with great results. If you want warmer then Cardas, If you crave speed and neutrality then Nordost. I also love the silent source cables.
Thanks for answers, i accidentaly added two threads of same type, sorry.

I live in sweden, and not in any big city so borrow and testing in my home is very difficult. I have to go on what i read, by the most i do a lot of research before buying and most of times im happy.

Somewhere i read Avalon uses Cardas on demos, but i also read some pepole have the same opinion about Cardas not very good sounding cables.

Audioquest did i read some recommend to Avalon, and Nordost is fine cables. i would think Odin would be great but way out of budget for me. When i did have some transistor Class A monoblock the sound was very sweet, not to muddy but warm and sweet, but since i changed to Class D the sound have been thinner, more neutral, Nordost might be to much?! I uses mostly Copper cables but i think some silvercables could be a good match.
I have Eidolons in my main system using a Cardas Golden Reference loom and a pair of Avalon two way studio Monitors which are powered by nCore 400s using NuForce ICs and speaker cables.

Solid or coated silver cables have been problematic with every switching amplifier I've owned. I've found that switching amplifiers like 20 amp service and beefy copper power and speaker cables.

The combination of the nCores and the Monitors provides a remarkably transparently resolving presentation thats very clinical. Perfect for a small home recording studio playback but not for casual long haul listening. I've got tube amplifiers driving the Eidolons with Velodyne subs dealing with the extra low frequencies.
Thanks all for answer. As you say M-db the NC400 is probably a very good amp, especially at the cost of it. But i feel since i changed to the nCore´s the sound have lost some deep in music. I probably will change to another amp in future. Mabye an integrated Devialet 200, also Class D but i think a even better one. A long time "Dream" have been some nice Tube amp but some circumstances make them have to wait.

Regarding cables, i appreciate all opinions about cables in overall and matching with Avalon especially.