Avalon Opus with Marantz PM-11S2

Are these two a good match?
Brands like Accuphase ,Spectral and Pass Lab are to expensive for me at the moment.
Nice size room. When you say your budget is limited... please define "limited".
PM-11s2 is a fantastic integrated, very under rated.

Find one used, a good value. Find one new, there is tough competition.
Used PM-11 or an Accuphase 4xx ,are about 2K , that`s my budget at the moment.
I know the Opus deserves better.
i would suggest "pdreher" has no clue as to the quality of the marantz pm-11,both in sound or constuction.an excellent choice.i own one,and have owned some of the supposed best.
I agree with Pdreher,garbage in /garbage out with that Marantz pm 11.I would suggest holding off and saving some cash,If going S.S Pass labs would be a nice choice,Ive owned a few ....but back when I had Avalons I ran Jadis tube gear with great success.