Avalon Time vs Avalon ISIS ?

About 20K difference , which would you go for ?
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Hi trcnrtmsncom,

Thanks for the congratulations.  I am very impressed with the Times. Never having heard the Isis, but having read the numerous reviews/owner feedback, I would very much want to experience  these speakers.  A fellow audio-guy and long time Avalon owner felt certain the Isis would overwhelm my limited space.  The Time required lengthy placement experimentation and room treatment to tame the lower end...dissimilar to the Diamonds, which integrated more easily.  
The mid-range, upper frequency, bottom end slam, and soundstage are degrees better than Diamonds.  I can only imagine what the advanced technology and larger drivers of the Isis bring to the reproduction. 

Hello Steve,

I think with your ceiling being too low it kind of rules out the Isis for you. This is from word of mouth and from what I remember reading about the Time in a review, but the Times actually has more mid-bass energy than the Isis and it's harder to tame in this regard. I did a lot of research and contacted quite of few people with direct hands-on experience  before making the decision to go with the Isis over the Times.  I'm confident for me it turned out to be the right choice and I'm very happy the Times worked out so well for you.

We're both very fortunate to being enjoying our favorite music with these speakers.  Too bad they're so difficult to audition. I think a lot of music-lovers/audiophiles are missing out on the joy of hearing the music they love on these masterpieces! In fact I sometimes wonder if Avalon only wants to sell so many speakers.

Steve, are you still using the CAT amps?  I'm  pretty sure you had them way back with the original Eidolon.


Hi trcnrtmsncom,

I continue to appreciate the energy the Times exude.  CAT JL-2, upgraded to Black Path is driving the speakers with greater ease than with the Diamonds.  Times disappear as well, if not better than the Eide's, with no hint of ever being overdriven. 

What amplification are serving your Isis?