i'm interested in listening to some music that falls under this category, i got the term from a Naked City cd.thanks
Ronald Shannon Jackson and the Decoding Society W/Vernon Reid before Living Color.

Defunkt w/Joseph Bowie, Lester's brother

James Blood Ulmer

Ornette Coleman's Primetime Band

M'Base stuff

All the above are really good.
Scofield's "A go-go" is rather classic funk than avant-funk that has its primary roots from New York underground world.
Hi Marakanetz - wouldn't you consider Sco's solo stuff, i.e.
"Hand Jive" more classic funk? I thought the "A Go-Go" CD was
a nice departure from his usual sound which I do consider to
be rooted in the more traditional "classic funk" style. Either
way "A Go-Go" is a tremendous effort.
Sorry to offend you but Scoffield in comparison even to trivial Naked City is only a classic funk such as Stanley Clark or late Miles Davis...
Wanna know more and explore more? -- write me a note and I will be glad to continue my list that you probablu would like to know...
Forgive me for being not sober most of the time I write my notes.