Avantegarde Duo repair.

Thanks in advance for any help. I have a beautiful pair of automotive blue AG Duo’s (not the 18ohm version) and both my SUB225’s have failed. I actually have 4 SUB225’s.  One still works fine, one blows a fuse immediately and the pair that were in use are not powering up but the fuses are fine.  Happened last week. 

I live in the Chicago NW suburbs. Any recommendations for a quality shop to diagnose and repair?

Additionally does anyone have an opinion on value as is for someone with the knowledge to repair?






Knowing that Avantgarde would probably charge a ton for a repair, I'd look into a plate amp replacement. 

Isn’t Bob @ Rhapsody in NY a dealer?  I know he was and should have some info even if he dropped the line. 

Fixing 4 amplifiers may be costly and the 225 was one of the reasons I sold my Duos it never sounded as a whole. Maybe consider having a pair of bass horns built. I used bass horns with my Duos they became a far more enjoyable loudspeaker.