Avantgarde Trios, SETs, and Impedance Curves

Has anyone ever seen an actual impedance curve plot for the Avantgarde Trios? I am about to acquire a 3 year old pair and need to find a great amp to drive them. I suppose conventional wisdom would be to use an SET of some kind. However, to perform their best, SETs really require a relatively flat impedance curve. So, I guess what I'd like to know is how badly does the Trio impedance fluctuate with frequency, and/or, empirically, what amps have Trio owners used that have rendered awesome performance?

How about it, Trio owners, any advice for a new Trio guy? Any feedback would me most appreciated!


The Tron 300B is about 15-20k USD. The TEAD Linear A is about 8-9kUSD

The Art Audio PX-25 amp also has a Avantgarde option (a low noise input version). A fabulous choice for my Duos and likely for your Trios. Startling black backgrounds plus many other desirable sonic characteristics make this amp unique.

I've also listened to the Audipax 88s and they are also good.
Look into Art Audio amps. Most are under 10k. I have Jota mono's and they match great with my 100db speakers. Art Audio is not talked about enough.
Gentlemen, thank you all for the additional suggestions.

Tim, you make a great point about Jim Smith and the Audiopax. I will look into these.

Richardmr and Tubes108, I have a local Art Audio dealer who has a PX-25, so I can borrow it just to get a sense of its flavor. Tubes108, since you've listened to both the Audiopax 88s and the Art Audio PX-25, did you actually compare them in an A/B comparison? Do you feel that you prefer the PX, or was your purchase based more on cost?

Charlie, thanks for the pricing info on the Tron and the Tom Evans. Wish I could swing the Tron, but that will have to wait for another day.

You can find second hand Audiopax model 88's running between 5-6 grand.
Jim Smith the former Avantgarde USA distributer could have used ANYTHING to demo his speakers in Atlanta, but his personal choice was the Audiopax. I think there was a few good reasons for this. Synergy is one.
I have Duo/Omega's and the Audiopax Model 88 amps and am One Happy Camper! A bonus with these amps are tube replacement NOT being a financial ball buster. Plus they can be had in matching Avantgarde Laquer.
Good Luck;