Avantgarde Zero 1-XD availability

Anyone know of an Avantgarde dealer in the North East?  I have been wanting to audition the Zero 1-XD active speakers and can't seem to track any down.  I heard this speaker at a show a couple years ago and now have a suitable space.  Yes, yes I'm keeping my La Scala's + Revel B15's driven by the Coincident Frankenstein-II's.  If anyone knows of a used pair of Zero's for sale I might just take the chance without audition.
I have a brand new pair (white) of current fully active fully optioned version never removed from boxes. I have been selling all my other gear (Zanden, Luxman, Berkeley Ref, Raidho, Magnepan 20.7, etc) and was going to end up using these.  Clear the clutter away.  But could be talked into selling them. I would sell them for what I paid for them which is 20% off retail. Unless you buy from a shady dealer there aren’t big markdowns on new ones.
podeschi… thank you for the generous offer.  I had a chance to listen to a pair of Zero-1-XD's this week and while the sound was very nice the dynamics were just not "horn enough" for my tin ears.  And I am more or   less married to my Coincident Frankenstein-II 300B amps so I needed to be really wowed to break their hold on me.  Thus for now I'm staying with my La Scala's.  I did recently learn that Charney Audio is near by and am arranging a demo of Brian's single driver design.  The closest I ever got to buying a single driver speaker was at THE-2006 when I heard the Carfrae Little Horn... the one that got away.
Looking to buy used pair of Zero-1-XD's for Georgia, USA
Any help appreciated.

Have reached out to Ash at https://www.americansound.com