Average Price Spent for Speakers

Everyone reading this, please respond if you will. What is the average price you spend on a pair of loudspeakers? What determines that expenditure amount? Earlier in your hobby life, what determined how much when you were a neophyte?
Also, for non audiophiles, if there are any reading this site, what do you spend, and what determines that amount?
In the absence of non audiophiles, everyone out there, what do your non audio friends spend for speakers (if they do buy)? Where do they shop? What is the determining factor in HOW much?
Thanks for your response.
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Funny but interesting thread.

Cosmetics would have counted some in the living and music room, but not much, and piano black gloss would have been fine. I have loved the sound of Raidho and finally traded my dealer three sets of my own mint speakers and sold one used motorcycle I owned, all to get to the needed 17k for used D2s almost five years ago. (And they were the stunning Walnut Burl with rare black stands.)

I have never looked back and smile every day. Once DSP room-corrected for their little bass hump they sing and will probably be the last pair I will ever need. The money (or asset trade) was a small price for the next 25 years of pleasure they will provide. (I don't need Starbucks... ;-)

At the time I bought my current Home ( which I sold 2 weeks ago) I made a deal with my Wife, she could get new furniture for the Home (which is 4,000 sq ft), if I could spend an equal amount on my dream system for my new Man Cave. Hope to keep her happy, I bought a pair of bookshelf speakers, B&W 805 D3’s at a cost of 7k with stands. I’m now downsizing to 1,500 sq ft and my Man Cave is going to be my Living room. I’ll find a way to squeeze them in if it kills me.
No sweat on those great 805s; you'll get them to work in your new place. I also had to drop my speakers into our retirement home's 'living' room which is now the music and art room. Your 805s have about the same footprint as mine and will do fine in a room that's not large, I'll bet. Best of luck.
30 years ago I spend about $1700 for a demo pair of full range (mirage M3), coupla years ago I spent something similar for bookshelf (LSA) and just spent $2500 for used pair spatial audio.