Average Price Spent for Speakers

Everyone reading this, please respond if you will. What is the average price you spend on a pair of loudspeakers? What determines that expenditure amount? Earlier in your hobby life, what determined how much when you were a neophyte?
Also, for non audiophiles, if there are any reading this site, what do you spend, and what determines that amount?
In the absence of non audiophiles, everyone out there, what do your non audio friends spend for speakers (if they do buy)? Where do they shop? What is the determining factor in HOW much?
Thanks for your response.
A months wages, but I have to do side jobs or overtime to keep my wife calm, 
In my personal experience, speakers are the most important piece of the chain so they are roughly half the $ of the total system for me. I happened to buy them slightly used but at list, my Harbeth SHL5+ and stands are about $9K of a roughly $18K system (digital streaming only, no turntable/phono stage).