Awesome new cables from Jorma Design!

Jorma Design have released a new line of cables which replaces the old No.2 called 'Duality', including rca's, xlr's & a power cable. The new cables use the same materials used in No.2, but the quality is pushed to the limits whilst keeping the price about the same as the old model. The speaker cables use twin runs for the positive and negative, and are similar in design to the flagship Statement cables, only with simplified shieldings, and a slightly less pure grade of copper. Whilst the ic's and power cables use separate runs of cable within the same outer shieldings.

Jorma is very unlike 'commercial' cable companies who churn out new models every 2 years. Jorma takes the time needed to fully develop new models. No.2 remained unchanged for 12 years!

To describe the sound of Jorma cables, in a word I would say "natural". They get the tone/timbre of instruments spot on. Prime which I know very well nails the midrange. Jorma cables generally sound neutral (eg: Origo) to warm (eg: Unity, Prime), and are harmonically rich. Very musical sounding cables. What can I say, I just found the xlr cables for my next Oppo player!

Here is a link to further info -
Interview with Jorma Kosky on the new Duality cables -

@jafant, Jorma is based in Gothenburg, Sweden. Jorma hand-makes & tests all his cables. Though he sources his copper wire from a very select European supplier who really had to push the limits to produce the wire for their flagship cables.

In the US, you can contact the Distributor Dan Meinwald from Sound Advice in Long Beach, CA. He could point you to a local dealer. The Cable Co also carry Jorma most cables & post prices, though not the new Duality model.

Likewise Happy TG day to you & your family!
I have a 1m Jorma Prime Xlr for sales . Give me a reasonable price if you are interested . Cable too short for me 
Met Jorma Kosky a few years ago in Munich . V jovial guy . If your like a neutral , tonally cables , his cables are good 

Mihalis probably has more Jorma prime than any Jorma distributor in his massive , massive room. 
audioblazer318 posts11-25-2016 2:47pmMihalis probably has more Jorma prime than any Jorma distributor in his massive , massive room.
He is an interesting guy. I think his gear list sais a lot about his musical tastes.