AXPONA 2011 Atlanta reports/thoughts?

This was my first show......I really enjoyed checking out all the gear. I was really impressed with the sound in the Scaena room as well as the MBL room.
I know this has been probably been discussed before, but someone really needs to tell all these sponsors, distributors, and people to LIGHTEN UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There were times that I didn't even feel welcome in certain rooms. In this economy, if I want to listen to one of my tunes on a $60,000 pair of loudspeakers, you should damn well roll out the red carpet. I understand "screening" tracks so no one plays gangster rap or 2 Live Crew or something that's offensive, but don't give me the third degree about whether or not my song will make your speakers sound good. Thoughts?
Was treated great in every room i went into over all three days.
Three rooms stood out above the rest for me.
The Voxativ Ampeggio speakers driven by Fi electronics and lector CDP was my favorite. Cant remember hearing a speaker i like more......anywhere, anytime.
Right up there with it was the YG Acoustic room with DCS stack and krell amp. WOW!
My wife liked this room so much she bought the Carmels.
Also liked the Horning room a bunch.
Your wife bought the Carmels right there on the spot? That's unbelievably awesome. Looks like you got a keeper!!!
We packed them up sunday and member meadowman came to the rescue and got them to the house in his car for us. Thanks mike!
Yes, Meadowman, the Low Spark of High-Heeled Boys did sound quite expansive on the MBLs. But why did the guy always turn it up to 11 ???