Axpona 2022

I attended the show yesterday. I did enjoyed it   My favorite room is the Nenuphar,room with silversmith Cables.I think they are using Pass labs or ayre gear sorry I can’t remember..For the first time magico Speakers And synergistic Cables impress me big time..Audiokinesis Plexi box speakers sounds are mimicking the nenuphar basis 26 k. The Piega room with Rose gears is amazing.


The scratch D amps WERE nice. Wonder about them speakers efficency though. They didn't bloom.

@fuzztone agree as I said previously in this thread they didn't do anything to impress so hard to tell what the new Atmasphere class d amps are about

Thanks for the update. It helps those not being able to attend. Did you or anyone else attending had the chance to listen to Wilson Benesch speakers? what models? what were the impressions?

Had a great time at my first show. Heard the Wilson Alex and alexia. They sounded good. I must of missed the Benesch or don’t remember them. Apologies. So much to see. The Goebel speakers on the top floor were amazing ! 

I loved the Harbeth 30.2s, I'm considering selling my kef r11s to switch to them. I also want to dig further into Salk, I really enjoyed them in a similar way. Presentation from both were wide and deep (Salk had better depth, Harbeth had better width) but neither were over precise. Oddly that was part of what I loved, they drew me into the music and were just plain fun. The Salk were new, and were given a name recently, but I can't remember it as it wasn't advertised anywhere in the room.