Axpona 2023

I am seeing videos from Axpona come in and this ACTIVE budget system sounds amazing, even with low rez youtube. People are guessing it costs $15K in the audience, and jaws are hitting the floor when they find out its less than $3K for EVERYTHING. Talk about confusion, listen to the stunned questions. I keep posting about the benefit of these active "systems" . The audience looks like they just saw ET, hilarious reactions:


Yeah, but I’ll bet that guy was pricing in terms of a passive system, speakers, source, amps, cables, etc. The "active all in one" system concept is still flying under a lot of peoples radar. I would guess it would cost at least $10K to get that SQ from a passive stack.

I doubt that, I've heard plenty of all in one actives at AXPONA as a matter of fact, was never impressed. Not saying active is bad, just the all in one, I've heard a couple active systems that the owner picked his own amps and that was definitely better than passive.

I have Vanatoo Transparent 1 Encore actives in one room. Heard them first at an audio show where the room was packed with agog listeners who couldn’t believe the sound for the price.  Packed with lots of wonderful design features and sound great. $600 new if still available.

Wouldn’t surprise me if Vanatoo was banned from high end shows for making everyone else look bad.

It’s also possible Vanatoo sold everything produced and these are no more. Too bad if so.

Yes indeed. Sonos is by far the most popular speaker company in the US. Active rocks baby!

As @mapman says, strange lot these dudes:



That’s funny! Only audiophiles…..



It seemed everyone in that video had their head explode. One guy gets up to look behind the speaker like their might be something secret in the back, hilarious. Looking at the Cabasse line up I would love to hear the big active speakers if the small ones sound so good: