Axpona 2023

I am seeing videos from Axpona come in and this ACTIVE budget system sounds amazing, even with low rez youtube. People are guessing it costs $15K in the audience, and jaws are hitting the floor when they find out its less than $3K for EVERYTHING. Talk about confusion, listen to the stunned questions. I keep posting about the benefit of these active "systems" . The audience looks like they just saw ET, hilarious reactions:


Yes indeed. Sonos is by far the most popular speaker company in the US. Active rocks baby!

As @mapman says, strange lot these dudes:



That’s funny! Only audiophiles…..



It seemed everyone in that video had their head explode. One guy gets up to look behind the speaker like their might be something secret in the back, hilarious. Looking at the Cabasse line up I would love to hear the big active speakers if the small ones sound so good:


Don’t understand the last question? Most of us (who couldn’t go to AXPONA) were glued to our screens watching multiple room videos pouring in. I could have just as easily posted what the OP posted. How does that translate to me working for a vendor?

 Asking for a friend….


OP—I’ll add to this by saying that in addition to the active/dsp by Cabasse that you posted, another active/dsp system that was blowing minds was the BACCH SP room. Check out some videos if you haven’t already.