Axpona 2024 who is going and why?


AXPONA - Audio Expo North America

Join music lovers and audiophiles from around the world as they descend upon the nation’s largest showcase of manufacturers and retailers ever assembled in one venue only at AXPONA.

I booked flight and hotel reservation for Axpona 2024 last night.

This is my first time to Axpona.

My prime target will be

1. Aris Cerat which I had not listend myself.

How good is Aurora and theire Dac and elextronice?

2. MBL

I like theiir 101E which sounds very musical but wish to listen to therir larger model.

3. Martin Logan

It had been a while since I listened to Martin Logan, thus want to have update on their electrostatic speakers.

4. Clarisis speakeer

I wnat to find out how good this planar speaker is.

5. Wof von Langa

I wish to get a filed coild speakers most likely original or replica of Western Electric.

But I als want to find out how good it is.

I had also got very good impression of Songer Audio field coil units.

It will be nice if Voxactive also display field coil unts.

.6 Bcach-SP

Theoretica Applied Physics BACCH-SP adio Stereo Purifier - The Absolute Sound

Theoretica Applied Physics BACCH-SP adio Stereo Purifier - A Princeton professor of physics has spent decades figuring out how to make stereo sound more realistic. Now, with the “Band-Assembled Crosstalk Cancellation Hierarchy” (BACCH) processor, you can hear stereo imaging as never before...

I have serious interest in this cross talke cancelling unit and Dac.

I wish to find out the effect myself.

There could be unexpected suprise as ohter audio show. ;)

I had lived in Chicago from 1998 to 2001 whete my son was born.

I had enjoyed nice audio shops over there.

I bought my Apogee Duetta Sig driven by Krell KSA 150.

It is one of the most musical audio system through my 45 years of Audiophile.

Zlone you will enjoy it.. it’s a good experience from buying music to listening.Its worth the drive . I know a guy from Alberta come to Axpona yearly , He drives.

First on my list is to visit the Aries Cerat and Theoretica Applied Physics BACCH rooms. I have first hand experience with the Aries Cerat Kassandra DAC and Impera preamp and I now have my sights on their triodeFET amplifiers. No one else is offering an amplifier with a triode single stage topography while implementing a single ended triode and field effect transistor technology.

@zlone If I’m not there, feel free to text me and we can coordinate. Same goes for anyone else that has interest in meeting throughout the weekend. My mobile number can be found on this page. Please just text, no calls, as my phone will likely be on silent most of the time. 


I'm going for the third year, but it's definitely a mixed bag.  I have a Bacch4Mac on order so I'll go to the Theoretica room first thing to meet Edgar in person.

Room acoustics can ruin an experience.   Last year I heard Vandersteen and Fritz speakers that sounded poor, even though I know these are great products.  On the other hand MBL, Tannoy, Cabasse all sounded good despite the rooms.

@yyzsantabarbara I will make sure to listen to the RAAL headphones.  Thanks for the heads-up.