Ay comments on Sound Anchor 4 post monitor stands?

Any comments on the Sound Anchor 4 post monitor stands for my Quad 12L speakers? Sound Anchor suggests a 26" height. Speakers are 8.1" wide and 10" deep.
I personally prefer the 3-point stands as they are easier to level. Sound Anchors are excellent stands, but they are expensive to ship, as they come filled. Personally, I like the Target MR series as they are extremely stable and a good buy for the money. I think Audio Advisor will ship them free.
Chayro: Thanks for the suggestion to look at Target stands. Yes, the Sound Anchor stands are very expensive and I will also look at the Target stands. Do you have a web site for Target stands? I cannot find one. Thanks.....

This is Target's best stand. If you are looking at Sound Anchor the price will seem very reasonable.