Ay comments on Sound Anchor 4 post monitor stands?

Any comments on the Sound Anchor 4 post monitor stands for my Quad 12L speakers? Sound Anchor suggests a 26" height. Speakers are 8.1" wide and 10" deep.
I personally prefer the 3-point stands as they are easier to level. Sound Anchors are excellent stands, but they are expensive to ship, as they come filled. Personally, I like the Target MR series as they are extremely stable and a good buy for the money. I think Audio Advisor will ship them free.
Chayro: Thanks for the suggestion to look at Target stands. Yes, the Sound Anchor stands are very expensive and I will also look at the Target stands. Do you have a web site for Target stands? I cannot find one. Thanks.....

This is Target's best stand. If you are looking at Sound Anchor the price will seem very reasonable.
I am going to look at the Target stands you recommended above on Tuesday. Do you have any comments on the Skylan Stands at http://www.skylanstands.com/index.htm Thanks..
Thanks to the above posts, I looked at speaker stands from Sound Anchor, Tyler, Skylan and Target. All of these stands were nice but very industrial looking for our living room. I visited my retailer and saw the small Sonus Faber stands he had on display. They were nice looking and the retailer said they would be perfect for my Quad 12L speakers. I hope to pick them up on Saturday. Yes, they were expensive but will fit perfectly into our living room. What can I say!! Special thanks to everyone that responded above.