Ayon CD5 vs Audio Aero Prestige

Where do you send these units for repair/maintence?Only then can I begin to answer.Thanks,Bob
The Audio Aero Prestige is a superb sounding player with a preamp and digital inputs. It has a very analog/organic character. In fairness I must say that I am biased because it's the player that I own. But there has been service issues lately since there is no more a distributor in North America, so you have to send to France, but then it will be repaired by the people who built it. The Ayon seems to have the same flexibility (+ USB digital input) but I have not heard it myself but I have friends who owns Ayon CD2 and they are very pleased. They have a distributor in North America now but who knows in the future? For me I recommend the Audio Aero, buy used you'll have superb sound for a reasonnable price but if you want the security of warranty them go for the Ayon. If you can listen to both let your ears decide. Good luck!
Let me chime in if I may...

I will agree, Audio Aero does indeed build a beautiful player, and when put side-by-side to the Ayon CD2, it will boil down to taste and associated equipment of the listener. The Audio Aero is focused on a more relaxed sound, and in all fairness, in a system that tends to bend a little towards pure performance, it might be just the ticket, yet has often been accused of being a bit too laid back for others. In terms of pricing, the Ayon has no peers. In terms of reliability, they are second to none. In terms of service, although we have not needed any, we have 3 qualified technicians right here within Canada whom are authorized in the unlikely event something goes wrong.

In terms of comparisons, the Audio Aero player should be shown against the CD2, not a CD5. Respectfully, the pedigree of these two player are in different classifications. When I receive an Audio Aero player on trade, it always sells quickly due to it's excellent reputation, yet I consider it a tragedy that there are no parts for these players available as transports were a constant issue, i have 2 customers that have a dead Prestige and cannot even get a replacement, that is just not fair to ask this kind of customers money for a product and not stand behind it. Parts and Service depots seem quite reluctant to touch them, service personell cannot get information in a timely fashion they need for repairing, and the thoughts of shipping a product back to France is a bit unsettling, at least for me.

Ayon Audio designs and builds such a diverse offeratory of products that win constant awards, " BEST OF SHOW " accolades, " PRODUCT OF THE YEAR " and so on. This line is a huge seller and as long as Ayon is building electronics, I will be representing them here in the land of dogsleds, Tim Hortons and hockey sticks !

Simply put, these are outstanding products, but then again, I represent them, so naturally I can't say enough. If you want a second opinion, I can give you about 50. My customers.

thank for listening.....