Ayon Triton for Wilson Duettes?

I have the Wilson Duettes in a relatively small living room. Currently driving them with ARC LS17 and SD 135 ss amp. I love the sound of tubes and have heard the Wilsons do well with tubes. Would I be crazy to trade the ARC gear for the Ayon? Also,is Ayon reliable equipment?
Baj, I don't know the Ayon to comment. But I did own the Duettes for about a year. They are great speakers and truly wonderful if your room is moderate to smaller in size. I ran the Duettes with a variety of SS amps, but also with some BAT VK-60 amps in mono configuration. The sound was very nice and performance excellent. The bass was better with the SS amps (no surprise there), but outside of that, the tubed amps were great.

Can't you get the Ayon amp before selling the ARC amp and then compare yourself? That is what I would do. I don't know how you came to the Ayon amp vs. others, but I am sure you have a good reason.
I have the Ayon Triton and CD2 with Sonus Faber. Can't ask for better envolving sound. Great gear!!
Thanks guys. I like the ARC stuff, but have really gotten into tubes lately. I am also a bit shallow, the Ayon looks really cool!
Hbvuurmans, how long have you had the Ayon? Who did you buy from?