Ayon Triton the best tubes amp in the market?

Hi guys, iam trying to upgrade my system, considering another tube amp, i already own the Cayin Kt88, wondering how much better the triton is?
I recently had the opportunity to hear the much lower priced Ayon Spirit MK-3 and retail $5100 can get 15% at least .This new model is now Autobias, All Lundahl transformers and bigger as well as the power supplys This amp acutually measures over 60wpc in Pentode, and 40 into Triode
Allways running in pure class A and it does not run that hot which in itself was very surprising for the money Nothing and I mean nothing better than in musicality
that includes solid state even at $6k for a power amp
this Integrated was Excellent,also the very high parts quality and short signal path really allowed the active preamp to shine and the inner detail and soundstage was excellent as well as the open liquid highs . The Bass was very taught and fast I prefer the slightly rounder full bass to a solid state it seems more real. .I Have 1 month to decide after the holidays if I can swing the Ayon Triton Mk-2
that is my first choice and better across the board .
The Spirit MK-3 is 85% as good at 1/2 the cost and power .
I have Highly modified Martin Logan Vantage speakers and
for some reason similar wpc tube amps and SS amp even more than 2xrated power 200wpc just cannot compete with these Class A amps in control or fidelity and having 4 and 8 ohm taps brings a lot of flexability and also rca ins for a sub to complement my powered speakers . Maggis in 4 ohm that I heard worked great and well as the Wilson Sophias.
The workmanship and made in Austria exudes quality and the spirit weighs in over 75 lbs and the remote is a very nice RC type with a machined case.I have been into audio for well over 35 years and this is one of the best values out there !!
It would be interesting to know if anybody has heard Ayon against the new VAC sigma integrated (also about $10K) and how they compare.
Am on my second pair. First pair distorted out of the box; second pair received about 3 months later, and power supplies hum so badly, I cannot stand to listen to them.
McALister promised replacement power supplies "immediately", but it's been 12 weeks now, and no supplies! In fact, Peter does not answer my emails, or return my phone calls. Perhaps he's ill?
Sorry for the english, i am a frenchman,i own an ayon triton II amp,operating with Duntech prince speakers,a Weiss dac2 directly connected to the amp input,thus bypassing the internal preamp.
The sound is very good,clearly better in pentode mode than in triode,notably for which concerns the width and depth of the scene.
This amp has a sufficient headroom (power reserve) with my 89db/w/m speakers, but i couldnt advise to listen loud with lower sensitivity ones,notably magnepan ones.
Since i am retired from the 1st jan 11,i switch on the amp in the morning and sometimes forget to light it off, then leaving it on for all the day.
The consequence of this new event has been that the power tubes have been out of service after only seven months use..Ayon proposed to replace the original ones by the new "black treasure tubes" which costed 720 euros (about 970 usd)...Therefore this amp is not deemed to be used by people who use the amp 15 hours a day....unless they are ready to afford the cost for maintenance..

In the meantime,awaiting for the new tubes, i had to put another amp thus i catched such opportunity to test a small classdaudio amp type sds470,sales price 590usd....
The results of my tests have been completely surprising,this amp gives a top end sound and i suggest all of you to test it ,remembering its cost is lower than replacing a set of output tubes.

Last but not least.....(for the man pretending all tubed amps sound similar but cables make the difference....),i am making my own cables,thus allowing me first to avoid to waste money,second to adjust the sound exactly as i wish.
The best ls cables for my triton are: bi wiring, common ground (-) wire in flat siltech,(+)going to the medium treble in litz wire dia0,1mm,(+)going to the woofers in wrapping(silver plated)wire,AWG24 (0,51mm dia)
Please do not waste money with expensive cables,but listen to the best number and diameter wires ,then tune to amp-speaker duo.
I think that the cable business is the biggest fake of the hifi world.

Sincerely yours, from France..
The Vac 160 is not running in pure class A nor are the transformers and power supplys as big ,The Ayon Triton MK-2
I have bet the Triton is better just in build alone and the Lundahl transformers are excellent and running in pure class A at 100wpc in pentote and over 60 in class A troide you get 2 excellent amplifiers in one.