Ayre Acoustics AX-5 Twenty

Has anyone heard the ayre ax-5 twenty with Dynaudio Speakers? How does ayre compare to Simaudio, Pass, or Octave integrated amps? Ayre retails for about 15k !

I heard the Octave amp you are referring to with the Dynaudio C20’s and C30’s, and it was very impressive. I too am looking at the Ayre VX5 Twenty to drive a pair of Contour 60’s. I’m just not sure about the amount of power, although the Dyns are 4 ohms and the VX 5 doubles to 350 per channel at 4

Unless your speakers hang out in sub-2ohm territory power isn't a concern with that Ayre amp. 
I agree on the VX-5 twenty.   Mine has driven Wilson Sophia 2s and Focal Sopra 3 without any issues.   The VX seems to have lots of current on reserve.