Ayre AX-5 Integrated Amplifier

Any comments on the New Ayre AX-5 Integrated Amplifier? I know its list price is $10,000. Does anyone have any impressions on this unit that was recently released?
Yes I still have the AX5/20 integrated. Loving it. I had the Vandersteen crossover built into it.  I'll probably get his new 15k mono's in teh house and make the switch if they really are as good as a friend has told me they are.  
They have even made minor upgrades over time.  Just a great piece.  Ayre has a 7 year plus lifespan on their components.  They just make upgrades like cars that do mid life cycle refreshes.  Don't know how that will be handled now that Charlie is gone (RIP), but they have other great minds at Ayre and I know that they had a bunch of other projects that he was working on.  I know that after I got my amp back from the install of the crossover, they sounded even better.  Subtle, but real changes for sure.