Ayre C-5XE universal v. CX-7e on redbook CDs?

Has anyone had a direct comparison at home with redbook CD on the Ayer C-5xe universal v. the CX-7e CD player??

I want to upgrade my CD player next month and although I enjoy listening to SACDs and have about 100 SACD's I am not sure its worth the extra $2500 for the C-5xe player unless redbook CDs are a huge amount better on this universal player? I have heard the CX-7e and love it for redbook.

Have you found that both players sound pretty much the same for redbook or is the C-5xe really a huge amount better?

Thanks for your feedback!
I listened to both players, as well as the Linn universal players and one of the Meridians off and on at my dealer's for about a year before I finally parted with the money to purchase the C-5xe.

If it were not for SACDs (you have even more than I do) and DVD-As (I don't have very many but I sure do love the ones I have), I might not have spent the extra money for the C-5xe.

However, they are not the same with redbook. Redbook on the C-5xe is quite a bit better than the CX-7e. My dealer has sold a lot more CX-7es than C-5xes because they are very good and really don't have much competition at their price point. For that matter, neither does the C-5xe.

I have been cable rolling my C-5xe and with some SACDs and XRCDs it is now performing scarily close to my analog setup (SME 20/2, Graham Phantom, Dynavector XV-1S and Aesthetix Io Signature with NOS tubes).

Although the manual does not document it, the C-5xe also plays HDCD.

You can't go wrong with either but if you can swing the purchase of a C-5xe, you will not be disappointed -- especially with those 100 SACDs.

Hope this helps,

I have had my C-5xe for 2 years now and I think it is a superb CD player. It's much more refined then the CX-7. The fact it plays other formats is a great bonus. I switched over to an all balanced system and IMHO it was much better in dynamics, rhythm and pace. The resolution and detail in the SACD's was also stepped up a notch. I feel if you choose this player you won't be sorry. Good luck in your decision.
Thanks again Ed and Analogtroll for your opinions and comparisons with the Ayre players. Yea, cant go wrong with either one for sure. Guess we will see if I can come up with the scratch to splurge on the C-5xe since it is a bit better player all around and has the bonus of SACD which I enjoy listening to.