Ayre C-5xe vs Ayre C-7xe??

I sold my beloved, magnificent Meridian G08 CD player. I am looking to replace it with either the Ayre C-5xe or the C-7xe. I have not heard either but both seem to have great reviews and Ayre seems to be a great company. That said, is it worth the difference in price for the 5-xe vs the 7-xe on redbook CD? I listen to a lot of jazz and some new age. I don't know if there is a big selection of high quality SACD or DVD-A's to justify the extra dough for the 5-xe. However, I still might spring for it if it is superior to the 7xe on redbook CD.

I am seeking the input and advice from those who may have listened to both players. Thanks in advance.
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I have heard both and I own the C5xe w/MP upgrade. I didn't have the money at the the time I bought so I waited to afford the C5 over the C7. I was disapointed when I was about to buy the C7 but knew the wait was worth it and have never looked back.
Just a word from the wise.....don't spend ANY money on a digital source BEFORE you listen to it, ideally in your setting.
No review is worth the paper it's printed on when it comes to digital as far as I'm concerned, moreso than other components.
I've had numerous cost no object digital front ends in my reference level system, and with no concern for cost to me I have found very little correlation to musical enjoyment and written hype or price.
What is priceless is YOUR own auditory perception and thats all she wrote.........

PS: The Ayre and Meridian are cut from totally different cloths
I have owned an Ayre C-5xe since 2006. I compared the C-5 and C-7 when I was buying. I thought the C-5 was better on redbook, but there are some who disagree with me. If you don't plan to get into SACD/DVD-A and if you haven't already, it may not be worthwhile to do it now. For the money, both are great players.

Having said that, the MP upgrade puts both of these players on a whole different level altogether. A significant narrowing of the gap between digital and analog, and even does some things better than analog.

Coolhand, thanks for your perspectives. Please enlighten me though on what you hear as the clear differences between Ayre and Meridian CD players.

Thanks in advance.