Ayre Codex

Did someone have experienced with the Ayre Codex used as a DAC.
I like the QB9 dsd sound, but i used toslink connexion so a Codex could be good for me.
I like the Codex a lot. I think its performance is just a hair behind the QB-9 DSD / C-5xeMP (I have both) but others have come to the opposite conclusion. One thing to keep in mind is that the Codex gets pretty hot when left on for a few hours, so I wouldn’t put it in a completely enclosed space without some ventilation.

There is a converter for all sorts of digital inputs to USB made by Mutec, called the MC-1.2. It’s a little pricey at $450 new.
How hot was the Codex get?   Is the Codex okay to be placed in a cabinet with the front door closed and the back open?

I agree - you should ask Ayre for the real answer. My guess is that it'll be ok since there’s a way for the heat to escape. I’d be concerned if it were going into a rack with all sides closed off and no fan to draw out the hot air.
Someone told me the Ayre Codex DAC get very hot when used with a headphone but just warm when used only as a DAC.   Is this true?  

As was suggested above, I plan on calling Ayre today and will post their response.  Thanks.