Ayre KX-5 preamp with V-3 amp

I'd like to try my Ayre KX-5xeMP preamp with an Ayre V-3 amp to drive a pair of KEF LS50s augmented by a pair of KEF KC62 subs.  Source would be Roon provided via ultraRendu with LPS 1.2 and Ayre QB-9 DSD DAC.  If anyone knows of an Ayre V-3 for sale I'm a buyer.
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The JC stuff will be for the living room.  Ayre Twenty series and a DX-5 DSD are used with KEF Reference 1s in the media room.
I will echo the recommendation to upgrade your QB-9 to Twenty status.  I had mine done over a year ago and it's a significant upgrade.  I feed mine with a Lumin source and also have JC1 amps in the chain.  It all works extremely well together.



What year was your DX-5 DSD built? What year purchased?


Happy Listening!