Ayre KX-R or PS Audio BHK Pre

I have an chance to buy either of the above 2 pre amps. Price is not a problem as I am getting a great deal on the Ayre as a demo unit. Still the Ayre is a bit more expensive but I can live with the price difference. What would you guys recommend. Associated equipment is as follows. 
Power Amps Classe CT-M 600
Speakers B&W 800d
Current pre Mark Levinson No. 38s
PS Audio Direct Stream Junior
Clearaudio TT with Avid Phono
Music tastes are mostly Classic rock with some Jazz thrown in. 
PS BHK is amazing. I have it, works magically with other PS Audio units (your DAC). 

It's great for Jazz type music. 
You can tune sound using a different tube (you can change it inside the box, easy)

I never heard of Ayre, but I do have ayre codex and it's good equipment.

Also PS Audio customer service is amazing. They have exceeded my expectations!!!
I recommend the PS AUDIO BHK PRE. Beautiful music reproduction, many great features, priced right. Performance of this unit compares to items priced well above it. Great stuff! 
IMO that is a very limited selection. You would do very well to check out the Sutherland Engineering N1 preamplifier. After I auditioned the Ayre in my system I purchased the N1. Check it out, you won't be disappointed.
@srafi  There is a lot of fine gear available.  You've garnered some good suggestions here.  Now is probably the time for research.  Make a list of preamps you would be interested in learning more about and set to it.  Hopefully as you read of others' experiences with those preamps one will emerge that possesses the sound/build quality you desire.  Be patient and keep reading.  Good luck with it!
Perazzi28 very limited selection available in my country. That's the price we pay for living in a third world country. In the 1000 to 2000 dollar range we have a lot of stuff. Macintosh has a local dealer as well as Wilson and B&W. The reason I am keen on the Ayer is because it's supposed to be a flagship product from a well respected brand. The dealer has guaranteed to have it upgraded when I am ready at a decent enough cost. Also the price that he is offering on the Ayer is too good to pass up. While I can't reveal the price let's just say it's not that far off from the PS Audio. I have purchased the Ayer and it has arrived and playing in my system as we speak. I can't comment on the sound yet as it's running in I can comment on the build quality. This thing weighs almost the same the Classe Monos. I will keep you guys updated on my take on the sound by next week once it has a few hours on it. 
While I could purchase any preamp while I travel, I don't want to buy anything that does not have local support.