Ayre MR-X monoblocks - how good are they??

I will say off the bite here, tube monoblocks are my prerefence.
However always in the state of mind to go no maintenance no worry SS.

How good is the MRX compared to it's up to 25K competition.

Is it tubelike and nice to poor recordings as Charles Hansen seems to like to advertise. " It took 4 mnths ot voicing to get crap modern cordings to listenable and enjoyable"
If any AMP does this consistently I want it.

do you really nee balancedc connections to make it sound best.

ie is balanbced cardas cross b etter than SE Valhalla??

If you read this, could you tell me how hard it is to convert a 110v american unit to a 230v unit? The american prices are more or less half the european price, so private imports would really pay off :)
How many MX-R owners out there are pairing your amps with a tube preamp? I'm using a First Sound tube-pre and wonder if they will be a good match for the Ayre. My speakers are Sonus Faber Cremonas.
I am considering getting a used MX-R monobloc pair and unfortunately won't have a chance to audition them in my set up. Appreciate any input.
I am using a Messenger preamp with my MX-Rs. The combination is spectacular.

It's been some years since I've auditioned a First Sound preamp, but I would be willing to bet that it would make a great match.

You might want to check with Emmanuel Go to see how the preamp handles near DC frequencies. Unlike the vast majority of preamps, the Messenger was designed to pass those frequencies at comparatively high levels. As a result, the Ayre's protection circuitry occasionally tripped on very high level bass passages. Elliott Midwood of Messenger solved the problem with no discernable effect in bass reproduction (and at no cost to me...great guy!). He also noted that my SoundLabs probably exacerbated the original situation, by the way. After Elliott's modification - audio nirvana. Just a heads up.
Charles, why my MX-R get RED light when I connect them to my KX-R with Ayrelink?