Ayre V-1Xe vs VTL 450

Has anyone compared the Ayre V-1xe to the VTL 450? I know they are at different price points, but what were the sonic differences? What were the strengths and weaknesses of each?
I would like to hear some responces to this also. I am looking for a new amp for my Magnepan 20.1s.

I know there's been plenty written in the audio rags praising Ayre equipment, and any other manufacturer who advertises for that matter, but having heard a number of offerings from both companys, I'd definitely go with the VTL 450s. To take it a step further, having heard the 450's many, many times, I'd only listen to them in triode. They're course and unrefined in tetrode compared to their triode mode.

While the Ayre equipment is well built, to my ears it always sounds dry and two dimensional. The VTL's will give you much more meat on the bones fleshing out images far better plus they're at least as well built as Ayre.

Just my two cents. Good luck.
Rfogel8- I couldn't agree more with what you said about Ayre equipment, I had the exact same impression in my auditions. Didn't sound like music to me, and next to even VTL's entry level ammplifiers I thought it didn't sound as good. I am no engineer but I would say the first thing Ayre is doing wrong, particularly in the context of VTL, is using transistors.

Let's not forget that the proprietor (Chucky Hansen) of Ayre also spends alot of time in Audio Asylum arguing with potential customers, which is just comical.