AZ Tsunami vs Harmonic Tech Pro AC 11/ Fantasy 10

Hi all,
Has anyone compared the AZ Tsunami power cord against the Harmonic Tech Pro AC 11 and Fantasy 10. Would appreciate it if you could share your experience and thoughts.
Thank you all in advance.
I haven't compared the Tsunami and Harm Tech head to head. I had the Tsunami II in my system and wasn't impressed. I believe it has since been upgraded. I liked the Fantasy 10 and felt it was very close to the Audience powerChord which I ultimately decided on, probably a system dependent tossup.
I've tried both (not the Fantasy 10 though), and I agree with the above post that the Audience Power Chord was better than both. I personally did not care for at all the HT Pro 11, on my Pass Aleph 2 amps I liked the stock cords better.