Azimuth and the Fozgometer

Finally received the Fozgometer after a 2 month backorder. In the past I have always used a loupe and a front surface mirror to set the azimuth on my Tri-Planar with Dynavector XV-1S cartridge. According to the meter, I was very close to a correct azimuth. I wasn't prepared for the effects that a very slight adjustment would make. Nailing the azimuth has brought my soundstage into tight focus. I have never experienced this kind of solid imaging in my system.
I know that the $250 price tag is a bit steep for something that won't get a lot of use, but this is not a subtle improvement. There are other ways of measuring azimuth, that I am not very familiar with, but I would doubt that they are as easy to use as the Fozgometer.

Joel Durand, of Talea Tonearms, set up my Talea in my room. he used an Ella Fitzgerald mono Lp to make the dynamic adjustments to the azimuth. i can tell you that it took our 'eyeball' azimuth set-up to another level.
The Fozgometer measures crosstalk and channel levels through a filter. It's a good start but by no means is the optimum way to set azimuth. Feickert uses the transfer function to measure phase response, to which the ear is much more sensitive. Minimum phase error between channels is often in the ballpark of minimum crosstalk in terms of azimuth angles but rarely coincides.

For far less than $250 you can get someone to do the full Feickert alignment service.
What is this "Feickert alignment service"?
Some dealers provide setting of overhang, offset angle, azimuth, etc. using various tools including the Feickert Adjust Plus software, with analog purchases and/or as a separately available service. I am one, but there are others listed on his website.
regarding the Fieckert software; Michael Fremer has done a seminar with Dr. Feickert at RMAF the last 2 years that i have attended. he showed graphs of how this software shows how the best crosstalk position compares with the best phase angle position with azimuth. it would be a coincidence if they happened to be the same.

info on Feickert software