B+O MMC2 cartridge What line grade was it,any good

I just got a bang and olufsen beogram RX2 turntable with MMC2 cartridge from a rack about 80's vintage.How can I tell if it's original cartridge and what quality in their line is it?I listened to it and it sounds like it has potential but is struggling on that table.How do I remove it from that arm?Will it only fit that arm?Compared to my clearaudio Virtuoso wood it leaves a lot to be desired but I can hear it wants to break into 3d sound.
Siniy123 is correct, my bad, thanks for the correction. Both the MMC1 and MMC2 have the same cantilever.

Many thanks for the info.Would you believe this was going to be thrownout.I wanted to put a bid on it,tried it but it wouldn't stay running,when to pick a couple records I won at auction and they asked if I wanted it before they throw it out.I would like to try that cartridge on a better table.Got it home and found it needs a record on platter to run.
The web address in the second response is www.sound-smith.com. You can also get a replacement belt from Bob at Vintage Electronics in Kentucky at www.vintage-electronics.cc/ , which might be advisable. You can also find the original manual online (or maybe from Bob also). I have had an RX2 since 1985, but it went unused for most of the past 20 years. I resurrected it recently and replaced an MMC3 with a Soundsmith SMMC1. The old B&O carts will deteriorate with age even unused; my old MMC3 yielded a grainy sound and did not track properly - it did not do this when I last had an episode of using it 10 years ago. An advantage of the SMMC1 is that you can purchase an adaptor to fit it to other tone arms if you decide not to use the B&O or if you have another table, which is my plan.
Thanks Gabbro,how do you like the SMMC1?What do you think about the RX2 table.I have 11 tables and got my dual 1229 and 1219's running again at least on 33.I'm thinking of putting that $50. audiotechnica on one.I put one on my friends rotel and was quite surprised.Am I going to be able to open up the RX2 to replace the belt easily?Next project is getting my mint condition dual 1019 to keep from one channel fading out,all auto functions work,I like the fat 45 spindle dropping 45's.
I have had the SMMC1 for about a month now and I have listened to digital only for comparison since. It is surprisingly detailed, appears to present an even response top to bottom, and has a pleasantly wide but not overly so soundstage. My only complaint at the moment relates to a slight reduction in soundstage depth as compared to my Cary 308T cdp, and the production of excessive sibilants on some female vocals. However, I am only using the stock phono stage on a MF A3cr pre at the moment, so I wonder if an upgrade there might alleviate these problems. I have been seriously considering either adding an external phono stage or significantly upgrading my preamp to something with a good onboard phono stage.

It looks like you have to completely open the RX2 to change the belt; my replacement has arrived but I have not yet turned the screwdriver. BTW, there is a hidden black recessed knob on the bottom of the RX2 that sets tracking for the MMC2; you should check it. If your MMC2 turns out to be in good shape, I wonder if it fits the acrylic adaptor for the SMMCx series sold by Soundsmith?