B&W 705

hi. i think i am looking to change speakers, i need help! i currently own jm labs focal profile 918's. i've had them for about 8 months. my current set up is: b.a.t. amp and pre amp, rega saturn cd player, running springs power conditioner, kimber cable speaker cable, and jps labs inter connects. this is my dilemma, i recently was in an audio shop in rochester ny, and listened to b&w 705 speakers, and was surprised at how much more i heard, soundstage, imaging, etc. made my focals sound "dry" for lack of a better word. anyone have any experience with b&w's? also, any opinions on the asw700 sub or the 700 series tower speakers? i have a smaller listening room, bout 10' away. any feedback would be greatly appreciated. by the way, it sucks living in buffalo!!!!
Hey Gilman6125,

I have a pair of B&W 705s - they're great speakers. I don't know much about the rest of the range as I have not auditioned any of them.

My 705s are paired with an Arcam integrated amp. I really can't say how they'll sound with your pre+power amp combination. I suppose you might have to go down to your dealer and ask to hear the 705s with your amp (or something equivalent).

As for the sound of your current setup, you can improve the sound by, for example, adding curtains or moving your speakers away from corners. It takes some 'experimenting'.
Just a quick note. I have used a pair of BW 705's
for over a 10 months now. They were bought new.
I also have had and currently own some other big
name speakers along with some made for me.

I have used NAD and Mcintosh power with them.
They are a great speaker. I actually prefer these
over a pair of BW 805's I had for 6 months. They were the original 805's not the current model. The 705's have more bass than the original 805's.

They take some time to break in. I think it takes time
on all BW's....kevlar to loosen up. I have had five different models. Look and see if any are for sale here on Agon. Great if you can find a pair in good shape used.

A real keeper......and I do not think they are going to be around for long new.