B&W 800d's or MAGICO V3's?

considering a move from my 800d's to the V3's? is this a side ways move or will it be a big improvement?
i also heard the JM lab Grande Utopia BE they knocked me out of my chair. they filled the room with great sound at any volume. one of my daughters was with me her jaw dropped and she said quickley said buy them. she has less trouble spending my money. i did not feel the v3 was ugly just not great looking kind of plain. as for the mini's just my opinion they had better looks with more class but i was not overly impress with the look of the speaker or stands where the 800d's are a great looking speaker. i heard 1 of the rock port's don't remember the name listed for $27000 or so nice looking but the lower end seemed exagerated just not real and not tight and defined like the grande. the grandes are impressive to see and sound as good or better then anything i ever heard. very cool. just my opinion.
"THIS LIMITED WARRANTY IS VALID FOR A PERIOD OF 3 YEARS FROM THE DATE OF PURCHASE OR TWO YEAR FOR ELECTRONICS INCLUDING AMPLIFIED LOUNDSPEAKERS." i may have read this wrong but even if i did 3yrs is a joke they warrantee cars and refridgerators longer. if the product is what you say stand behind it. that was all i ment. if i pay $25grand i want to know i have no wurries. that is why you buy new from an authorized dealer is it not.
Has anyone heard these Magico speakers?
The first 2 links are these incredible looking Magico speakers that use alluminum cabinets and top of the line drivers.

The 3rd and 4th links are these top of the line Magico speakers from 1996.
They use an 11 inch Scanspeak woofer, Scanspeak Mid and the expensive JM Lab TLR tweeter.
This is the tweeter they use on the Utopia speakers.
These speakers weigh about 400 lbs, with the top at 125 lbs.
Koegz,so are the fabulous NOVA Utopias! -:)I've heard them loads of times,and love them.
Dhann,first off I don't know where you got "any" impression of my "not" hearing the V3 set up correctly!...A false accusation,or asumption.They were set up quite well,and personally I liked the sound.

Also,I DO like the V3! "Ugly Betty" and all!...Just my taste(which as I DID mention previously,means nothing...unless you are me -:) Sheeeesh! Lighten up,and be happy you have great stuff!

I just happen to feel that the Mini is "more special",for whatever reasons(to me,and maybe some others).

I don't know why this affects you so much.You can prefer anything you like,and I will have no problem with your opinion.

Also,I'm not going to get into a "where/how did you hear the V3" competition....It was very well set up.Period!

I heard it,and liked it,but like the Mini ALOT better!

You are free to feel otherwise,and if so,God bless you!We do agree that both are wonderful products.

Btw,I "totally" appreciate the build quality of Magico stuff,and hope other mfgrs realize this is one reason for their appeal.